End of On-line Third Term Newsletter

Monday, September 21, 2020

Congratulations to all of you who successfully participated in the 3rd term on-line lessons and examination.

Your promotion result will be available on your portal when result compilation is completed. While the compilation is on-going, we shall have a short break before the official resumption of schools in Imo State.

Note that when school resumes, all students are required to be treated with malaria, typhoid, and dewormed. Students are expected to present to the registration officers Doctor’s report of having been treated of the above ailments either as prevention or cure. This is compulsory.

We have given a window to all those who missed the 1st and 2nd Continuous Assessment Tests and exams. The tests can be accessed on https://www.logiss.org/ca-tests while the exam remains in your portal.

We wish to also bring to the notice of our parents that considering the fact that our children will be back to school as soon as a date is given by the Imo State Government, we have made provision for students’ parent portal which is programmed to be linked with your child’s account. We encourage you to register via logiss.org/sa and get activated. It will enable you to follow up on your child’s activities in the school.

If you encounter any account-related challenge, feel free to get in touch with the ICT department through ict@logiss.org.
For Exam or result related issues, contact us through the management on examcentre@logiss.org or results@logiss.org.

Students’ results/report cards will be made available to only those who paid for their online schooling. Ensure you have done your payment, confirm if your payment has been acknowledged using the LOGISS fee payment confirmation self-service on https://www.logiss.org/cp.

Note that you can now make your terminal school fees payment online into the school’s account through https://www.logiss.org/item-category/fees.

LOGISS supplementary exam into JS1, JS2, and SS1 holds on 26th September 2020 @ the school compound, Lagos and Abuja. Time:10:00am. Registration form is still available at all Watchman Diocesan Headquarters Nationwide. You can also purchase the form on-line on https://www.logiss.org/item-category/forms.

Do enjoy your short break.

Below are very important pieces of information for you:


All the students shall resume on Friday and Saturday, on a given date between the hours of 6:00 am and 5:00 pm each day. Hostel accommodation is on the basis of first-come, first-served. It is, therefore, necessary that you pay your ward’s fees on time.  Remember that failure to return to the hostel as stated above still attracts a penalty.


Sequel to the change in the school calendar as a result of the  COVID19 pandemic, the school shall not observe a mid-term break this term. We regret any inconvenience this change may cause you. 

  1. 3. SCHOOL FEES:

We thank all our parents for their prompt payment of fees. Fees for 1st term should be paid before resumption. Remember, no student shall be allowed into the school without evidence of payment.

Kindly visit www.logiss.org/sbo ( Student Bursary Office) for details on school fees and Borders list.

Note that SS1 students fees include 2 pairs of classroom uniform, 2 pairs of daywear, 1 pair of Sunday wear, 1 cardigan, 1 pair of sportswear, 2 long ties for boys, and 1 beret for the girls.



All partial scholarship students should obtain their usual evidence of renewal of the scholarship from their Diocesan pastors and submit the same at the point of registration on the day of resumption.


Parents should endeavor to deposit their children/wards pocket allowance into the school account because any student found with cash or deposited with staff members shall be sanctioned.


School customized shoes and sandals are sold in the tuck-shop at the price of N3,000.00 and N2,500.00 respectively. Rubber sandals are also sold there. Unauthorized footwears shall be confiscated. 



There is a need to make new uniforms for those that have outgrown theirs. Note that no other types of clothes apart from the school uniforms are allowed in the school. Students who have reshaped their uniforms should loosen them or buy new sets to avoid confiscation. Homemade uniforms are not accepted. Defaulters will be sanctioned.



Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Test, (ACT), and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) amongst other examinations have kicked off in earnest with Lectures and registration running concurrently in the school. The examination comes up in August 2021. Candidates among SS2 students with 70% average in their 1st term result are qualified for registration. Note that the only means of identification for the above examination will be an international passport. So registered candidates are encouraged to get their international passport ready before their examination starts.


We implore our parents to speak to their children to put up good behavior at all times. The school still has zero-tolerance to all forms of indiscipline. 

Some of our parents inadvertently and indirectly engineer their children to disobey school rules and regulations through what they say about the school in the presence of their children. Some make derogatory remarks about school policies, staff, or management in the presence of their children. This attitude emboldens such students to disobey school rules and regulations and increase obstinacy in the students. Such negative remarks do not help the children at all. Our efforts in the upbringing of these students in the nurture and admonition of the Lord should be complementary.

  1. BOOKS:

Textbooks are available at the school tuckshops at affordable prices. Also, school customized exercise books are available at the tuckshops. Note that, no other exercise book is allowed for use in LOGISS. The long hardcover notebooks are produced for only senior students from SS1- SS3 and are compulsory. 


Attached to this letter is the list of items for boarders. Parents are encouraged to use this list to provide for their children/wards the needed items in the hostel. This will reduce the rate of pilfering among students.

This list shall be used to check in the students during registration. Any student with incomplete items shall not be allowed into the hostel.


Project work is meant to keep the children focused and for parents to spend some quality time with their children. So parents should endeavor to see that their children do their projects knowing that the scores are part of their overall assessment. This project shall be submitted on the day of resumption.


The Continental table is a separate meal (table) provided for mostly International students who would not be able to feed on our local dishes. However, indigenous students with feeding difficulties may be allowed to partake in it. The cost for this separate arrangement is sixty thousand naira (N60,000.00) for a term.


Best regards from all of us.

Yours sincerely, 

Anyanwu, Chinwe (Mrs)
For Logos Int’l Sec. school, Awo Omamma, Imo State, Nigeria.