Graduate with Confidence

Confidence is an essential attribute to level up an expectation of success. Our students engaging in deep learning, deemed to generate their confidence in getting a one-time sitting in their various final academic results.

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Explore Online Education

Our cutting-edge online learning platform provides access and flexibility to academic excellence, and promote a transformative student experience. Our online environment mode of delivery also expands learning opportunities for students.

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Jumpstart your Career

We help our students to get ahead in their career by mentoring/coaching them to define/develop their career path, follow up on them to a master's degree level, Track their accomplishments. And also ensure as many that adhere to themselves, are more effective to their society.

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Build them Early

Children are future leaders Lets Build Them Early. The importance of a strong start cannot be emphasized enough. Our supportive relationship learning environment for playgroup, nursery and primary section helps kids to grow both physically and mental health, and helps them develop skills that will keep them stable and responsive throughout their lives.

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Knowledge Beyond the Scope

We keep our students update to date with international opportunities/engagement, expand their knowledge, skills, competence, expertise, and developing their internal brand for the future.

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Management office

On behalf of the students, staff, and management of Logos International Secondary School,

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Administrative office

Please kindly read through before you proceed… All registration/application activities;

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Bursary office

Before you proceed with payments kindly review to see if there is an update in fees. School fees are…

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