Hello, great LOGISS students!

It’s a pleasure to know you are staying strong and safe this period.

We are here to provide clear guidance and vital information that you need to attain your educational goals.



We are your friends and are here to tell you little about us and how we can be of assistance to you.

   It’s awesome being a student, but sometimes, you struggle with feelings of sadness, worry, or overwhelmed. 

  As school counselors, we lookout for students who are unhappy, struggling, or just need someone to talk to.

    Here, we give listening ears to:

  •    –  Your problems and feelings.
  •     –  Help you find solutions that work for you.

Your conversation with the school counselor is confidential (means just between two of you) unless there are special circumstances.

Such as about:

  • ·        Someone who is hurting you.
  • ·        You want to hurt yourself.
  • ·        You want to hurt someone else or
  • ·        Someone’s safety is at risk.

 You must receive help from us. Keeping our students safe is our priority.


If you are feeling disorganized, having problems with friends, facing some big life challenges, worried about something at school, or at home or just want to be talked to, reach out to your friendly counselor!  We are here to help you, you are not alone!


Feel free to interact with us. The counselor is your friend and confidant, remember confidentiality is our watchword. 


LOGISS Guidance counselor.