Dear Parents/Guardians,


We thank God Almighty from whom all blessings flow, who alone has made it possible for us to see the end of second term 2020/2021 academic year. Our appreciation goes to our parents, staff, and students for their unflinching supports throughout the term.


The term began on a good note and with God on our side, we have successfully gone through it “To God be the glory”




  1. 1. Resumption For 3rd Term:


All the students are to return to the hostel on Friday and Saturday, April 30 and May 1, 2021. Lessons begin on Monday, May 3, 2021. Remember that failure to return to the hostel as stipulated still attracts the usual penalty.


  1. Mid-Term Break:


Mid-term break is compulsory for all students. However, parents who want their children to stay back at school shall pay a token of ten thousand naira (N10,000.00) only for their upkeep.


Mid-term break for the 3rd term begins on Saturday, June 12, to Friday, June 18, 2021. Students shall return to the hostel on Saturday, June 19, 2020.



  1. School Fees:

We thank all our parents for their prompt payment of fees. Fees for the 3rd term should be paid during the holidays. Remember, no student shall be allowed into the school without evidence of payment.


 First Bank Logos International Secondary School 2023806256
Union Bank Logos International Secondary School 0043478243
First Bank National PTA LOGISS 2024688178

PTA termly levy of N3,000.00 only is payable into the National PTA Account as stated above.


JS1 and JS2 students


School fees 40,000.00
Boarding fees 86,580.00
Paces 6,500.00
SS3 send-off/Prizegiving Award Ceremony 5,000.00
Alkaline water 2,300.00
Barbing 300.00
2nd Term Mid-Term Break upkeep 10,000
Total 150,680.00



JS3, SS1, and SS2 students

School fees 40,000.00
Boarding fees 86,580.00
SS3 send-off/Prizegiving Award Ceremony 5,000.00
Alkaline water 2,300.00
Barbing 300.00
2nd Term Mid-Term Break upkeep 10,000
Total 144,180.00



SS3 students

School fees 40,000.00
Boarding fees 86,580.00
Alkaline water 2,300.00
Barbing 300.00
Total 129,180.00


N/B:  Those that have paid for the 2nd term mid-term break upkeep will be required to present evidence of payment at the registration desk. JSS3, SS3, and ACT/SAT students are exempted from the N10,000= mid term upkeep.


  1. Partial Scholarship:

All partial scholarship students should obtain their usual evidence of renewal of the scholarship from their Diocesan pastors and submit the same at the point of registration on the day of resumption.

  1. Students Pocket Allowance:

Parents should endeavor to deposit their children’s/wards’ pocket allowance into the school account because any student found with cash shall be sanctioned.

  1. Foot Wear:

School customized shoes and sandals are sold in the tuck shop at the price of N2,500.00. Rubber sandals are also sold there.


  1. Students’ Uniform:

There is a need to make new uniforms for those that have outgrown theirs. Note that no other types of clothes apart from the school uniforms are allowed in the school. Students who have reshaped their uniforms should loosen them or buy new sets to avoid confiscation. Homemade uniforms are not accepted. Defaulters will be sanctioned.


  1. The Use of Phone:

Parents are advised to ensure that their wards do not return to the school with cell phones, electronic gadgets or other unauthorized items. Defaulters will be sanctioned and items confiscated.


  1. Damages

The Management has observed with dismay the rate at which students destroy school property, deface the wall, break the chairs and cut mattresses. In view of this development, students who are caught in any of these vices will be surcharged or made to replace those items.


  1. Unkempt Personal Appearance

Please, note that no student will be checked in with bushy hairs, grown fingernails, unauthorized school uniform/footwear or dirty appearance. Parents are hereby advised to ensure that their children are neat and ready for the resumption


  1. Discipline

Discipline is an integral part of the school system. We implore all parents to counsel their children to obey school rules as LOGISS will not compromise her stand on discipline. The school will not condole any incorrigible child. Please, go through the school code of conduct again with your wards and encourage them to be law-abiding. Defaulters will be made to face the wrath of the law.


  1. Prize Giving Day/Graduation Ceremony

The school shall organize a prize-giving Day/Graduation ceremony for the out-going SS3 students, staff and students who have distinguished themselves for honour. This event is

slated for Friday, July 30, 2021, by 10:00 am at the school premises. We encourage our parents to make endowments for students who performed excellently well in their various subjects and morals.


  1. Terminal Result:

Parents can access their wards’ results online from April 24, 2021, through the website ( The hard copy of student’s results will be made available for collection at the school premises on resumption.


  1. The Entrance Examination Forms:

The sale of entrance examination forms into JS1, JS2, and SS1 is on at the school premises and also at all Watchman Diocesan Headquarters nationwide at the cost of seven thousand Naira (N7,000.00) only. The examination will take place on May 22, 2021. Hurry now and register your ward/child.


  1. Excursion:

Students offering French Language are due for excursion by the third term, consequently, they are required to pay four thousand naira (N4000.00) only for transportation and logistics. Parents of the concerned students are required to pay the money into the school account separately and the teller presented during registration on arrival.




We trust God for greater achievements and astonishing success as we march forward. May the Lord grant you journey mercies to your various destinations. Wishing you a pleasant holiday.


Best regards


Yours sincerely,




Anyanwu, Chinwe (Mrs)